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Under the title of the "The Bolduc House Museum," this site was owned and operated by the NSCDA-MO since 1949.  Other nearby structures were added over time:  In 1970, the Bolduc-LeMeilleur House was purchased, restored, and donated to the campus.  In 2011, the Beauvais Linden House was opened to the public for the first time as a gift shop and orientation center for the site.  In October 2012, the old Bank of Ste. Genevieve building was purchased to be repurposed as an education and exhibit facility.  The Francois Valle II House was purchased in December of 2013.   The entire campus of historic buildings and the exhibit facility, opened in 2018, is known as The Centre for French Colonial Life.


In November of 2016, a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit group was created, French Colonial America, in a tremendous undertaking to transform our site from being a simple house museum to functioning as a focal point for French colonial studies.  Our expansion is an effort to help expand understanding of the distinctive cultural heritage of the Illinois Country and its impact on the land, its people, and our country as it stands today.


Tandy Thompson,  President, St. Louis          Susan Aselage,  Vice President, St. Louis


Anne Babington,  Secretary, St. Louis               Peggy Strelinger,  Treasurer,  St. Louis 


Peter Raven, St. Louis                           

Pat Raven, St. Louis                                          


Christy James,  St. Louis   


Steve Kling, St. Louis


Blanche Touhill, St. Louis

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